About Us

Background & History

The humble origins of Jaltas Breeder Farms came to the fore when Eng. Manuel L. Jalandoni started a 30-sow level backyard piggery as a diversification project from sugarcane farming in the mid-1950’s. A classically trained chemical engineer and avid experimenter, he dreamt of providing electric power to light up the farm compound at night using the porcine manure. Driven by his modest success, the idea of evolving into a self-sustaining, integrated farm became the start of a long-standing vision as he began streamlining the different diversification projects.

In the mid-1960’s the backyard piggery became a 50 sow level commercial farm, with a small feed mixer powered by the biogas system he had designed himself. By 1976, the small backyard piggery had evolved into a 200 sow level swine farm. All wastes and manure were used in the biogas system, which rendered the solid waste perfect for use as fertilizer on his organic farms. Run off wastes were diverted to the fishponds, which in turn fed the tilapia and catfish.

Right around this time, Mr. Jalandoni established a collaboration with a visionary group led by Mr. Juan Lian Tan with the intrinsic goal of elevating the status of pig raising into a more technical and efficient industry in Visayas and Mindanao. With a premium on promulgating modern farming techniques, the doors of the newly constructed Jaltas Nucleus Farm were opened in 1980. New pig stocks were shipped in from Luzon and would be the only time live animals were brought into the hacienda and piggery farm. From that time until the present-day, succeeding improvements in genetics would only come from frozen semen imported from the USA, Ireland, UK and Canada.

Today, Jaltas Breeder Farms consists of two independent breeding farm facilities – with both the Nucleus Farm and Multiplier Farm having each a 700 sow level capacity. The facilities also feature a full sized feedmill driven by an extensive biogas system which powers not just the feedmill but provides electric power to the piggery water pumps, farm compound and employee housing within the farm compound.

Company Profile

Jaltas Breeder Farms is managed by Jamarli, Inc. and has remained a dynamic family- run business that focuses on swine production and manages two independent swine farms, an on-site feedmill, and an integrated biogas system.

The overall command responsibility of Jamarli Inc. is currently handled by Dr. Michelle M. Jalandoni, the daughter of its late progenitor. The strategic and operational oversight of the company is in turn addressed by the 3rd generation of the family, with granddaughters Erika L. Pernas as EVP and General Manager and Shara L. Javelosa as VP Administration. Karen Anne Tan manages day-to-day operations at the farm in her capacity as Piggery Farm Operations Manager. Ms. Tan maintains the heritage and knowledge base established by her father (and founding partner) Juan Lian Tan, who continues to serve as breeding and sales consultant of Jaltas Breeder Farms.

The company’s main product line is comprised of Parent Stock breeders for commercial pig farms and large scale backyard raisers. All our breeding stock have undergone stringent performance testing and evaluation with only the best used for our Nucleus Herd. Our use of the genetic program “Herdsman” which uses the BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) System in computing and forecasting Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) and Estimated Progeny Deviation (EPD), ensure that our breeders show both strong performance results and high potential to infuse their genes to the next generation.

Our products include:

Corporate Vision

We stand by the quality of genetic potential in each and every breeder we sell. Extensive record keeping, with both progeny and performance testing, ensures that we produce breeders that will give the high quality and marketable animals

Jaltas Breeder Farms prides itself in maintaining a minimal disease herd, free from most viral diseases and using the most minimally required vaccination program. We have learned to balance changes in technology and the environment with practical know-how in order to ensure that our operations remain simplified, efficient, and relevant to the Philippine situation.

All this comes with our customers in mind. We take pride in providing not just the stock alone, but in dispensing technical service and assistance to our customers so that they may also benefit from our years of experience in swine farming.

Jamarli Inc. and the people behind it are all driven by the determination of providing affordable animals that are of high quality, at par with world-class superior genetics.